Jual Panaboard UB-7320

Jual Panaboard Panasonic UB-7320

Print Size ( H x W) Standard size: 900 mm x 1, 400 mm, 4 panels, plain paper, FREE STAND

Let a Panasonic Thermal Panaboard take the notes instead of you! Increase efficiency and reduce meeting times by keeping attendees focused and participating. Includes USB PC interface option capabilities and security features that are essential for sensitive environments.

Effortless file management process lets you save critical notes to a file for easy archiving and distribution. Wall-mounts or optional floor stands make installation or portability fast and easy.


* Panaboards UB-7320 come with an integral printer for easy-operation.
* Panaboard can work as a PC printer.
* Panaboard can be controlled from PC.
* Panaboard keeps 100% audience attention and increases participation.
* Panaboard increases efficiency and reduces meeting time.
* Panaboard can be wall-mounted or used with floor-stand option.

Panaboard Improves your Presentations and Meetings

Panasonic Document Management System
Panaboard UB-5320, UB-5820 and UB-7320 come with utility software that consists of Document Manager and Document Viewer. The meeting contents on the Panaboard screen will become meeting minutes with some annotation by Document Viewer function. The Document Manager makes it easy to file and distribute the meeting minutes quite easily. Supported saving file format is BMP, TIFF, JPG, PNG and PDF.

Printer Driver
The Panaboard can also work as a PC printer. In a meeting, if you need to print out some documents, the Plug & Play of USB makes it easy to print out documents from the Panaboard.

TWAIN Driver
By just one click, you can scan the image on the Panaboard screen as image data to your computer and from your computer, you can control the Panaboard function just like operating the Panaboard control panel.


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