The KX-TDE100 Pure IP PBX is an advanced corporate communication system providing IP telephony features and functionalities over both local and broadband IP networks. Empowered with the latest SIP technology and packed with extensive productivity applications, the KX-TDE600 IP-PBX is designed for a medium to large business up to 256 users.

The Panasonic KX-TDE IP PBX series are advanced communications platforms for IP networking environments. Supporting SIP connectivity for desktops and networks, the system supports a range of advanced IP telephones, as well as the standard digital & analogue extensions, Digital and ISDN trunks.

Couple this with a Business Application environment, and you have a system ready to take your business communication needs into the 21st Century, at your own pace.

With the new KX-TDE IP PBXs – you can choose from any type of telephone terminals – digital, DECT wireless, or the new stylish IP telephones. And with support for all the digital, analogue, IP phones, and IP Softphones designed for the KX-TDA PBX systems – the KX-TDE gives you an extensive choice of telephone terminals to suit your specific business telephony needs.

With built-in support for the latest SIP technology, the KX-TDE IP PBX can support up to 128 SIP telephones as extensions. Companies can now use standard available SIP phones and connect them to the KX-TDE IP PBX as IP extensions to support inhouse office users, Remote workers and even road warriors connecting back to the office over high-speed broadband IP network from virtually anywhere.

With SIP telephone as extensions – businesses can now support their dynamic workforce – and still keep a centralised view of call management even if they are geographically distributed.

A straight forward and smooth migration path is the key for customers upgrading to converged solutions. Existing KX-TDA systems can be easily upgraded to the KX-TDE systems by simply replacing the main processor card (IPCMPR) to take advantage of all the new features and benefit from true convergence.


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