Jual Mesin Penjawab Telepon

JUAL Mesin Penjawab Telephone Otomatis 2 Port sebagai pembantu Operator atau Sebagai Akses Langsung Extension yang di tujuh

Yossin Mesin Penjawab


EVM 200X Auto-Attendant provides a 2-port SLT interface with expandable Auto Attendeant and Audiotex system. Espesially its unique mailbox will handle customer’ s messages during after office hours or line busy situation. It is a high quality and multi-functional system.


  • Auto-Attendant
  • Blind call transfer, supervised call
  • Transfer, and unsupervised call
  • Transfer for group extensions.
  • Day/ night/ noon/ holiday operator servie
  • Flexible extension numbering layout
  • Up to 9 digits
  • Hunt group operators
  • Multi-lingual greetings/ prompts
    Transfer destinations: hunt group
    extensions, internal extensions,
    external extensions, designated
    external phones, departemental
    seretary, and mutual mailbox.
    Weekly business schedule and holiday

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