Keunggulan dengan Teknologi Canggih kami

Komunikasi terkemuka kami dan solusi TI dan layanan dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan industri apapun, untuk organisasi dari semua ukuran. Cari tahu lebih lanjut tentang berbagai kami solusi dan layanan.

IT Solutions


  • 10.NEC POM  thumb Proactive Operations Management (POM) Improve your operational efficiency, reduce your operating costs and enhance your pro…
  • IT Consulting thumb IT Consulting Services High quality consultants to assist with your IT projects.
  • IT Recruitment thumb IT Recruitment Services Helping you find, recruit and retain the best people.
  • XRM & CRM thumb CRM Software NEC is Australia’s leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider.
  • ERP thumb ERP Software Your most iportant software application.
  • Cloud Hosted Solutions thumb Technology as a Service (Cloud) Cloud – The future of information processing.
  • Network Management thumb Desktop and Network Management Desktop and network management by the experts.
  • Security Management thumb Security Management Protecting the integrity and security of your ICT infrastructure is our top priority.

Public Safety & Security


  • AFIS list AFIS Fingerprint Identification Fingerprint and palmprint identification.
  • shore thumb Advanced Security Surveillance Solution 3-chip EM-CCD colour camera for surveillance.
  • LiveScan list LiveScan Digitally capturs prints.
  • Neoface list2 NeoFace Facial Recognition Facial recognition solution.

Specialist Solutions


  • BFS list Broadband for Seniors Internet kiosks for seniors.
  • lab services list Laboratory Services Evaluation, testing and staging of products.
  • aged care table list NEC Aged Care Cloud Solutions Enhance Aged Care through Cloud technology.
  • pdd list Product Development Evaluation and testing.

Unified Services



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